Oct 192016
 October 19, 2016  Posted by  Breaches, Election2016, Featured News

This is your must-read for today, by Jonathan Zittrain. Here’s a portion of his thoughtful essay about the large-scale hacks, data dumps of private communications, and media reporting on same: But before we consume the fast food meal of messages containing private citizens’ unguarded moments with friends and move on, [Read More…]

Jun 272016
 June 27, 2016  Posted by  Election2016, Non-U.S., Surveillance
Where Do The Major Australian Political Parties Stand On Privacy And Encryption This Election?

Rae Johnston reports: Lobby group Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) has called on all political parties to support encryption and privacy technologies, as it was revealed where a selection of the major parties stand on surveillance, encryption, copyright issues and censorship. Read more on Gizmodo (AU). In an Open Letter to [Read More…]

Feb 292016
 February 29, 2016  Posted by  Election2016, Surveillance

Michael T. Bucci writes: What are the positions of U.S. presidential candidates on NSA domestic spying, personal privacy and the Fourth Amendment?….. Donald Trump would be “fine” with restoring provisions of the Patriot Act to allow the NSA to once again collect American phone metadata in bulk. Ted Cruz has denounced hoarding [Read More…]