May 182022
 May 18, 2022  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Court, Featured News

Meghann M. Cuniff reports: A federal judge has said he’s ready to quash a subpoena to Twitter over an anonymous user after pressing for more information about the limited liability company behind it, accusing its website of being a “sham” and suggesting its attorney doesn’t want an investigation into the [Read More…]

May 132022
 May 13, 2022  Posted by  Court, Laws, U.S., Workplace, Youth & Schools

Eugene Volokh writes: In Judge Holly Teeter (D. Kan.) in Ricard v. USD 475 Geary County, KS School Bd., decided Monday, plaintiff challenged the “Communications with Parents Policy,” which “prohibits employees from revealing to parents that a student has requested use of a preferred name or different set of pronouns at [Read More…]