May 102023
 May 10, 2023  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Court, Laws, U.S.

Christopher Brown reports: Onfido Inc. got preliminary court approval for a $28.5 million deal to settle a proposed federal class action alleging it violated the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act through the identity verification services it provided to website and app customers. Fredy Sosa and Rohith Amruthur alleged that Onfido [Read More…]

May 092023
 May 9, 2023  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Laws, Non-U.S.

Niharika Verma reports: The Spanish data protection watchdog has imposed a fine of €200,000 (~$224k) on the GSM Association (GSMA), the organizer of Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2021, for breaching privacy rules. The violation was related to the collection of biometric data of show attendees, including the implementation of a [Read More…]

May 092023
 May 9, 2023  Posted by  Business, Govt, Laws, Surveillance

Jake Wiener, Counsel in EPIC’s Project on Surveillance Oversight, testified on May 3 and submitted written testimony before the New York City Council’s Committees on Technology and Civil and Human Rights. The Committees are considering two bills: Int 1014-2023 banning face surveillance in places of public accommodation and Int 1024-2023 banning face surveillance by landlords. [Read More…]