Jan 202023
 January 20, 2023  Posted by  Business, Court, Online, U.S.

Eric Goldman writes: This case involves two “anonymous messaging” apps, Yolo and LMK. Both allegedly target teens audiences. “Plaintiffs allege they received harassing messages in response to their benign posts on Defendants’ applications and did not receive comparable messages on other platforms in which user identities were revealed.” Both apps [Read More…]

Jan 192023
 January 19, 2023  Posted by  Business, Laws, Online, U.S., Youth & Schools

Odia Kagan of Fox Rothschild writes: The Virginia legislature is considering looking at amending the state’s Consumer Data Protection Act to expand protections related to children’s data. Some key points in the bill: Child defined as under 18, not 13 COPPA compliance exemption is deleted Verified parental consent required for the [Read More…]