Apr 102021
 April 10, 2021  Posted by  Business, Surveillance

Joe Cadillic writes: Cash-strapped states are using COVID as an excuse to create AI-driven vehicle recognition or license plate reader surveillance programs. As Rekor Systems president and CEO Robert Berman proudly boasts, “because our technology works so well for vehicle recognition, we do more, we identify the vehicle’s make, model, color, [Read More…]

Apr 102021
 April 10, 2021  Posted by  Business, Surveillance, U.S.

J. D. Tuccille writes: Clearview AI carved out a market niche for itself as a provider of facial recognition tools for law enforcement agencies that find the technology challenging to implement on their own. The company’s plug-and-play surveillance capability entices government users with free trial periods and a database of billions [Read More…]

Apr 102021
 April 10, 2021  Posted by  Business, Govt, U.S.

Tim Sandle reports: …  The information collated by the government, unbeknown to most citizens, is transferred into a database called CLEAR. This digital repository holds in excess of 400 million names, addresses and service records drawn from 80 utility companies providing services like water, gas and electricity, and phone, Internet and [Read More…]

Apr 042021
 April 4, 2021  Posted by  Business, Online

On March 30, Bennett Cyphers wrote: Today, Google launched an “origin trial” of Federated Learning of Cohorts (aka FLoC), its experimental new technology for targeting ads. A switch has silently been flipped in millions of instances of Google Chrome: those browsers will begin sorting their users into groups based on behavior, then sharing [Read More…]