Apr 202019
 April 20, 2019  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Featured News, Govt

How many “unintentional” breaches can Facebook have before people start holding Zuckerberg himself responsible or accountable?  In case you missed the latest episode of Facebook’s privacy violations, read this Business Insider story by Rob Price from this week for more background: Facebook says it ‘unintentionally uploaded’ 1.5 million people’s email [Read More…]

Apr 182019
 April 18, 2019  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Featured News, Online, U.S.

Rob Price reports: Facebook harvested the email contacts of 1.5 million users without their knowledge or consent when they opened their accounts. Since May 2016, the social-networking company has collected the contact lists of 1.5 million users new to the social network, Business Insider can reveal. The Silicon Valley company [Read More…]

Apr 162019
 April 16, 2019  Posted by  Breaches, Featured News, Healthcare, Non-U.S.

James Risen reports: An American doctor who conducted several medical and mental health evaluations of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange inside Ecuador’s Embassy in London over the last two years says that she believes she was spied on and that the confidentiality of her doctor-patient relationship with Assange was violated. Dr. [Read More…]

Apr 152019
 April 15, 2019  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Court, Featured News

I’ve already tweeted my congratulations to Jay Edelson and the entire plaintiff’s team involved in this case, but I’ll repeat it here: congratulations!  It’s nice when the good guys win one. Jon Reid reports: A federal jury has ordered a multi-level marketing company to pay $925 million for making nearly [Read More…]