Oct 192016

This is your must-read for today, by Jonathan Zittrain. Here’s a portion of his thoughtful essay about the large-scale hacks, data dumps of private communications, and media reporting on same: But before we consume the fast food meal of messages containing private citizens’ unguarded moments with friends and move on, [Read More…]

Oct 072016

Mark Blackburn reports: Doctors providing medical services to First Nations patients in the Sioux Lookout region of Ontario are rebelling against Health Canada over requirements that force them to breach patient-doctor confidentiality. Twenty-two doctors from the region signed a letter sent Sept. 30 to federal Health Minister Jane Philpott advising [Read More…]

Oct 062016

Julie Baker-Dennis reports the latest development in a lawsuit previously  noted on this site:  The 11th Circuit revived three students’ claims that employees of Florida’s Valencia College violated their right to free speech and protection against unreasonable searches by pressuring them to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds. The three former sonography students who [Read More…]