Feb 162019
 February 16, 2019  Posted by  Breaches, Business

Zack Whittaker reports: Hotel chain giant Marriott will now let you check if you’re a victim of the Starwood hack. The company confirmed to TechCrunch that it has put in place “a mechanism to enable guests to look up individual passport numbers to see if they were included in the [Read More…]

Feb 152019
 February 15, 2019  Posted by  Breaches, Court, Healthcare

Brett Kelman reports: A former Vanderbilt University Medical Center doctor who is accused of using his hospital privileges to snoop into the private medical records of his ex-wife has filed a lawsuit against the hospital for refusing to defend him in court. Dr. Douglas Burka, who was a surgical resident at [Read More…]

Feb 152019
 February 15, 2019  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Govt

Tony Romm reports: The Federal Trade Commission and Facebook are negotiating over a multibillion-dollar fine that would settle the agency’s investigation into the social media giant’s privacy practices, according to two people familiar with the probe. The fine would be the largest the agency has ever imposed on a technology [Read More…]

Feb 152019
 February 15, 2019  Posted by  Breaches, Healthcare, Non-U.S.

Ugh.DutchNews.nl reports: Students working for extra cash at Amsterdam’s OLVG hospital group have for years been given complete access to the medical records system, allowing them to read personal information about friends, family and famous people, the Volkskrant said on Friday. The leak was made public by a philosophy student [Read More…]