Mar 202019
 March 20, 2019  Posted by  Announcements, Featured News, Surveillance

Action Alert. Media company Thomson-Reuters is making millions by supplying ICE agents with access to billions of license plate records. Government agents are actively using this data to target immigrant families and violate millions of people’s privacy and human rights. Reuters journalists have taken strong stands in the past. If [Read More…]

Mar 182019
 March 18, 2019  Posted by  Announcements
Happy Birthday,!

Thirteen years ago today, went live with its first post at 11:36 am. Wow.  Since then, there have been more than 17,650 posts plus other web sites that spun off from this “mother ship:” (now merged with and And for a while, there was also my [Read More…]

Mar 052019
 March 5, 2019  Posted by  Announcements, Breaches, Business
Now,  <em>this</em> is being proactive.

How perfect is this cartoon, provided by privacy scholar and TeachPrivacy founder Dan Solove? See more on TeachPrivacy, where you can also find information on the many privacy-related courses TeachPrivacy offers and the upcoming privacy and security conferences that Dan organizes. And if you’re going to be at the International [Read More…]

Feb 122019
 February 12, 2019  Posted by  Announcements, Featured News

Seen on Hunton Andrews Kurth: On February 27, 2019, the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation will hold a hearing titled “Privacy Principles for a Federal Data Privacy Framework in the United States.” The hearing will focus on potential Congressional action to “address risks to consumers and implement [Read More…]