Jul 262021
 July 26, 2021  Posted by  Announcements

FTC to Host Virtual PrivacyCon 2021 on July 27 The Federal Trade Commission will host PrivacyCon 2021 to examine the latest research and trends related to consumer privacy and data security. WHEN: Tuesday, July 27, 2021, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET WHERE: The event will be held online. A [Read More…]

Jul 242021
 July 24, 2021  Posted by  Announcements, Non-U.S.

Announcement from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s Office: July 19, 2021 The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) and the National Security and Intelligence Review Agency (NSIRA) have committed to coordinate their activities to maximize expertise  and ensure productive engagements with national security institutions on privacy matters of [Read More…]

Apr 142021
 April 14, 2021  Posted by  Announcements, Business, Court

Maria Dinzeo reports: Three Ninth Circuit judges signaled Monday that they are unlikely to upend centuries of legal precedent by granting sovereign immunity to an Israeli software firm whose cybersurveillance tool was used by foreign governments to spy on some 1,400 journalists and activists. NSO Group Technologies is probably best [Read More…]

Apr 102021
 April 10, 2021  Posted by  Announcements

One of the most important contributors to this blog will be laid to rest this morning, and I am absolutely gutted. For more than one decade, Kurt Wimmer was this blog and this blogger’s First Amendment defender and counsel. It was only with Kurt’s pro bono help and that of [Read More…]