Oct 242016
 October 24, 2016  Announcements Comments Off on Privacy+Security Forum this week in D.C.!

I’m happy to say that I’m heading out for what promises to be a terrific event in D.C. Updates to this blog will be sporadic, at best, until I’m back, so if you submit a comment or article and it’s not approved, please be patient. If you’re attending the forum, [Read More…]

Sep 302016
 September 30, 2016  Announcements, Featured News Comments Off on EPIC Publishes “Privacy Law Sourcebook 2016”

From EPIC: EPIC proudly announces the 2016 edition of the Privacy Law Sourcebook, the definitive reference guide to US and international privacy law. The Privacy Law Sourcebook is an edited collection of the primary legal instruments for privacy protection in the modern age, including United States law, International law, and recent developments. The Sourcebook [Read More…]

Aug 192016
 August 19, 2016  Announcements Comments Off on Sorry for the interruptions

The past few days have been brutal in terms of trying to keep my sites online. I’m not sure what has caused the problems, but we’ve just downgraded WP to a previous version to see if the WP update of two days ago was responsible for breaking things. Great thanks to [Read More…]

Aug 152016
 August 15, 2016  Announcements, Business Comments Off on Smart Meters Spy On You – A Freebee Movie Until Midnight August 15, 2016

Catherine Frompovich writes on ActivistPost: Josh del Sol of Take Back Your Power has produced a new documentary about the invasion of privacy and the abridging of Fourth Amendment rights in the U.S. Constitution. Consumers may watch del Sol’s outstanding movie https://takebackyourpower.net/ FREE until midnight Monday, August 15, 2016.  Thanks, Josh! This movie’s information you [Read More…]