Mar 282020
 March 28, 2020  Posted by  Announcements, Featured News, Healthcare

Much of the world first seems to be learning what “triage” really means.  Even for many healthcare professionals, triage has never been so meaningful, real, or brutal as it is during this pandemic when ventilators and PPE are in short supply. So who gets treated and who doesn’t when you [Read More…]

Jan 302020
 January 30, 2020  Posted by  Announcements, Featured News, Govt, Laws, Surveillance

Joe Mullin of EFF writes: Law enforcement officials in the U.S. and U.K. have negotiated a deal that sells out the privacy rights of the public in both nations. For Americans, it will effectively abrogate Fourth Amendment protections, and subject their data to search and seizure by foreign police. This [Read More…]