Oct 112010
 October 11, 2010  Posted by  Breaches

J.D. Summer reports:

Two more Albany E-911 dispatchers have been terminated in lieu of an appeal to City Manager Alfred Lott for allegedly misusing the state’s criminal information database to look up confidential information on civilians, according to documents obtained by The Herald Monday.

In response to a request using Georgia’s Open Records Act, the city turned over two letters of termination outlining why Jasmeny Ogletree and Natasha Hightower were recommended for termination by Albany Fire Chief James Carswell October 5.

In the letters, Carswell writes that both Ogletree and Hightower were interviewed by investigator Sam Harris on Sept. 30, and both admitted running unauthorized background checks and other searches on civilians.


The decision to fire Ogletree and Hightower comes two weeks after two other dispatchers were recommended for termination for inappropriately accessing the same system.

LaToya Smith and Jeanita Fulmore were each summarily fired by Carswell September 7 in what turned out to be the first wave of allegations that 911 operators were misusing crime databases.

Read more in the Albany Herald. It turns out that one of the dispatchers was allegedly running checks on her own name after an armed robbery to see if there was any “wanted” notice out for her.

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