Jul 162013
 July 16, 2013  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S., Workplace, Youth & Schools

Eric Nicholson reports that the use of tracking devices in Texas schools continues to expand:

San Antonio’s Northside ISD, which became the focus of national controversy when an intensely evangelical high school sophomore refused to wear her RFID-equipped student ID because it was the Mark of the Beast, is not the first school district to track students’ whereabouts using geolocation technology, nor will it be the last. Despite the inevitable outcry, it’s seen as a relatively effective way to boost attendance and, as a result, state funding.

But the rationale for deploying tracking devices in public schools isn’t always so crass, particularly in the wake of Sandy Hook. Take Southlake’s Carroll ISD which, as CBS 11 reports, is buying 100 wearable tracking devices from a Dallas company, eTrak, as part of a pilot program aimed at improving safety.

Read more on Dallas Observer.

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