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 December 13, 2011  Posted by  Business, Surveillance

John Paczkowski has an interview with Carrier IQ CEO Larry Lenhart, and Andrew Coward, the company’s VP of marketing. You can read it on All Things D. Here’s a snippet:

You say your software doesn’t keep a log of location, keylog and SMS information, yet Trevor Eckhart’s video appeared to show that. What was going on there?

Coward: What he was looking at there was an Android log file. And to be blunt, there was information there that shouldn’t have been. In order for Carrier IQ to get information off a device, we work with the manufacturers to deliver that information through an API. That information shouldn’t show up in an Android log file. We don’t read from Android log files; we don’t see Android log files. That info just shouldn’t be there. And, ultimately, what goes in that log file is up to the manufacturer.

So that’s not your log file in the video?

Coward: No. It’s just an Android system log file.

Now don’t you want to read more of the interview?

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