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 January 27, 2010  Posted by  Non-U.S., Online

Tomorrow is Data Privacy Day. Social networking sites have frequently been in the privacy news this past year, and now, not surprisingly, it seems that people don’t trust them on privacy. Sarah Schmidt of Canwest News Service reports:

Only a tiny fraction of Canadians who use social networking sites actually trust the operators to keep their personal information private and secure, a government-sponsored survey has found.

The newly released results found that only 6% trust the sites, compared with 79% of Canadians who don’t trust them at all. Fifteen per cent said they were neutral on the question.

Along with an overwhelming lack of trust in social networking sites, the survey, commissioned by Natural Resources Canada to gauge the public mood about privacy and geospacial information, also found a very tepid response to street-view images of private homes, such as Google Street View.

Read more on the National Post.

Hat-tip, Sharon Polsky.

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