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Jurisdictions across Canada have proclaimed January 28, 2010 as Data Privacy Day to recognize the importance of protecting personal information and increasing awareness about privacy rights and responsibilities.

“By proclaiming Data Privacy Day, the Mayors of Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary and Ottawa are showing that they promote data protection in city operations,” says Sharon Polsky, National Chair of CAPAPA.  “Their formal recognition of Data Privacy Day speaks to the importance of citizens understanding their privacy rights and responsibilities. ”

Data Privacy Day is important to raise awareness among Canadians and engage them in discussion about practical aspects of data privacy and strategies for safeguarding personal information.

“So many organizations collect so much information about us every day,” noted Monica Muller, privacy lawyer and CAPAPA;s regional Representative for the BC Lower Mainland. “It’s important for all Canadians to think about what happens to that personal information, including the information we voluntarily post about ourselves online.”

This year, more jurisdictions than ever across Canada are formally recognizing Data Privacy Day. Their proclamations or other written commitment to Data Privacy Day will be posted on the CAPAPA web site at www.capapa.org .

Data Protection Day is an internationally recognized day to highlight the importance of protecting personal information. CAPAPA events celebrating this 4th International Data Privacy Day are being held in major centers across Canada from January 25 to January 28, with the generous support and participation of Federal and Provincial Privacy Commissioners, government agencies, and private sector organizations. For event details and to download educational and promotional materials, visit www.capapa.org

Proclamation by the Mayor of Vancouver (.gif)
Proclamation by the Mayor of Ottawa (.gif)

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