Aug 312014
 August 31, 2014  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Court, U.S., Workplace

Shawn Tuma writes:

Can an Employee Really Can Steal Your Data and Then SLAPP You for It?

Yes, in California it just happened!

The fact that this happened in California should be of no comfort to Texas businesses, however, because the Texas Anti-SLAPP law comes from California and, therefore, California jurisprudence is considered persuasive authority in Texas. This means that in the not so distant future Texas employees could steal their employers’ data and then SLAPP them for it as well. Many other states have anti-SLAPP laws that are derivative of California’s as well.

Let’s look at a case study to demonstrate what I’m talking about.

Case Study: Emanuel Medical Center, Inc. v. Dominique, 2014 WL 4239346 (Cal. App. Aug. 27, 2014)


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