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AP reports:

Levi’s Stadium is home to the first mobile app designed to enhance every aspect of a fan’s stadium experience, from steering fans to their parking spots to identifying the least-crowded restrooms. No more waiting in line for a $10 beer and $6 hot dog. During the game, fans can order food and drinks that can be delivered directly to their seats or picked up at express windows. Don’t agree with that call? Use the app to watch instant replays from four camera angles.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says he saw the app’s potential as soon as he downloaded it for the 49ers’ Sept. 14 regular-season opener.

“Everybody’s connection to the outside world now really is their phone, so that has to become part of the (game-day) experience,” he said.

Mike Roberts of Martinez, California, appreciated being able to order popcorn from his seat for pickup at an express window with no lines.

“Everyone living around here is pretty tech savvy,” notes Roberts, “so this is the perfect place to try something like this.”

The app will ask fans if they want to order food and drinks at certain times during the game, depending on past behavior patterns.

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Not everyone is excited by this, of course. Joe Cadillic writes:

Want to bet there’s more than four camera angles of your face? Good luck trying to access those cameras.

What’s worrisome is another privately owned company is making a profit off of spying on your families every move and marketing it as a convenience.  No more looking for a parking spot, we know where you are and we know who you are, trust us!

Where have we heard that before? Anyone?

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