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Calling all Freedom Fighters! Tomorrow (Thursday 28th October) there is a very exciting debate taking place in Westminster Hall in Parliament. The debate will discuss ‘Privacy and the Internet’ and it is expected that there will be a particular focus on Google. The debate is open to the public and we urge as many of you as possible to attend!

Robert Halfon MP requested this Backbench Business Debate after research into Google showed that, whilst recording data for Google Street View, Google cars also collected sensitive data from internet servers across the country. This data included vast numbers of private emails and passwords from residents in the surrounding areas. Alex Deane, Director of Big Brother Watch, has put together a fantastic briefing note on this subject which you can Download Here.

The debate begins at 2.30pm in Westminster Hall and has been allotted 3 hours. (It is a House of Commons Debate in Westminster Hall, not a traditional “Westminster Hall” debate – and therefore constitutes a historic event, being only the third of its kind ever).

It would mean an enormous amount if you could attend this debate (even for a short while). It is so important that we show support for Robert on this issue in order to make it clear to Google, and other corporations, that the public care deeply about their privacy. Even if you cannot attend,please blog on this and spread the word, or even ask your MP if they are planning to attend. Many thanks to everyone who helps to raise awareness on this issue.

Source:  The Freedom Association

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