Jun 202012
 June 20, 2012  Posted by  Laws

Associated Press reports:

A state Senate committee has voted down a bill spurred in part by the release of 911 tapes involving Demi Moore.

The bill by Assem. Norma Torres, D-Pomona, would have barred the news media from getting 911 emergency call audio tapes and transcripts.

Read more on News10.

This is a problem in need of a good solution. There are times when access to 911 calls serve important oversight and regulatory purposes, such as evaluating response times or analyzing where the system is not working well.  And there are times when the press may legitimately need access to 911 calls to verify the facts in their reporting on issues of public interest.  But as I’ve often said, not everything that interests the public is a matter of public interest, and the vast majority of 911 calls reveal so much personal and sensitive information that I think that there should be some protection from those who are just curious.

Hopefully, some legislators will come up with a workable bill.

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