May 072012
 May 7, 2012  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S.

The Calgary Police Service was in the news recently after a detective was charged with misuse of a database. Now they’re back in the news for another breach. CTV reports:

… The complaint stems from an incident in March 2010, when the CPS’ HR consultant was told by the woman’s manager that several of her coworkers had made allegations about her behavior at work, including allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct.

The CPS initiated a workplace investigation and monitored the woman’s computer activities for about a week and also reviewed her past work email activity.

During the investigation, the IT Manager found a personal email that the woman had sent to a family member, which included the login ID and password information for her personal web-based email account.

And that’s where things took a wicked privacy turn.  Read more on CTV Calgary.

To view a copy of the Order, visit the OIPC website.


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