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 April 23, 2015  Posted by  Court, Healthcare, Non-U.S.

Well, this is unexpected. Yesterday, this site noted a news report that Peter Bowden, a Saskatoon whistleblower, complained that his privacy had been breached after revealing what went on at a senior care facility, Oliver Lodge.

Now today, I see another whistleblower retaliation complaint involving two other individuals who blew the whistle on another facility, Sunview. But this complaint is in a different province. Rachel Cave and Angela Gilbert report:

Sherry Jeffers and Charlene Pitre are suing the provincial government for allegedly breaching their confidentiality as informants to a Department of Social Development investigation into the Saint John special care home where they once worked.

“My understanding is that I was protecting residents of the home and that the department would protect us,” says Pitre.

Read more on CBC.

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