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So….. apparently if you want to participate in privacy or consumer advocacy in Canada, Telus Communications will “request” information about your background and wants to put your entire CV in the public record.

The following communication was received by a private citizen who submitted comments in response to Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2015-134 (the CRTC is the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission). I’m redacting the names of the two recipients mentioned in Telus’s “Requests:”

Requests for Information addressed to [name1] and [name2] (TELUS)14Aug15-1

As regards your July 13, 2015 intervention in this proceeding:
(i) Did you receive any funding to support your intervention? If so, from whom?
(ii) Do you have a position at a university, or elsewhere, or are you in a centre, institute, or similar organization, that supported your intervention? If so, please describe your position at the centre, institute, or similar organization and identify the source(s) of funding.
(iii) Please describe any other entities with which you are or have been affiliated which have interests or have intervened before the CRTC or Industry Canada with respect to telecommunications policy and regulation issues.

[name1 name2] (|TELUS)14Aug15-2
Please provide current copies of your curriculum vitae for the public record.

What is Telus doing here?  Does Telus have any right to demand answers or only to “request?”

I’m uploading a copy of Telus’s letter to CRTC, so you can see the scope of their “requests” to all commenters.

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  1. “Does Telus have any right to demand answers or only to “request?””

    Smart question. I’ll find the answer to that.

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