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PIPEDA Case Summary #2008-398

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada received complaints one year apart from two individuals who claimed that telemarketing agents from a particular bank had collected their personal information for a credit card application without consent. One of the complainants alleged that the bank had disclosed her personal information to a credit bureau without her consent. The other complainant alleged that the bank had also collected her credit report and used her personal information to process the application without her consent.

The Assistant Privacy Commissioner was disturbed by the transcripts of the calls made to the complainants. It was clear to her that neither complainant had clearly understood the substance of the calls and that their consent therefore had not been properly obtained. She concluded that the complaints of both individuals were well-founded.

In the second case, the Assistant Commissioner made a number of recommendations, to which the organization responded satisfactorily. It was therefore concluded that the complaints in this case were also resolved.

Read more on the investigation and findings from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

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