Apr 252012
 April 25, 2012  Posted by  Laws

James Temple writes:

Senator Mark Leno’s bill banning warrantless government searches of cell phone location information survived its first test at the California State Legislature, but it didn’t emerge unscathed.

The ACLU of Northern California, a co-sponsor of the measure, told The Chronicle that the California Location Privacy Bill passed through the Public Safety Committee late Tuesday, meaning it’s headed for a full vote later this year.

But Senators Curren Price Jr. (D-Inglewood) and Joel Anderson (R-El Cajon) refused to vote in favor of SB 1434, unless a provision was removed that would force mobile companies to disclose how often they turned over information and for what purposes.

Read more on SeattlePI.

Now why are those senators so bound and determined to shield mobile companies from having to transparently disclose how often they turn over information? Perhaps some reporter could follow up on that.

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