Dec 102013
 December 10, 2013  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S., Youth & Schools

CBC News reports:

Saskatchewan’s privacy commissioner says Horizon School Division needs to make some changes after two privacy breaches involving students.

Privacy Commissioner Gary Dickson said staff at Ituna school knew of the breaches, but have done nothing about them.

In one case the school had been using paper it had recycled in the office, and sent a note home with a student that had private information about another student printed on the back.

“It was given to our daughter with the instruction ‘do not read the back,’ and it contains enough information that I was able to identify the student to whom the information was about, which happens to be a peer of out daughter’s,” the father of the student was quoted in the report.

Dickson said the note appeared to indicate that there were problems in the student’s home, revealing information of the student’s family status.

In a second incident, private information was shared by a teacher.

Read more on CBC.

I must admit that I’m impressed that this makes the news in Canada. Here, such things generally do not get media attention unless some parent starts calling the media to try to get coverage.

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