Nov 262009
 November 26, 2009  Posted by  Non-U.S.

Les Leyne has this column in the Times Colonist:

When reporters were briefed a couple of weeks ago on how the Olympic torch relay would go down, they were told no identities of the runners would be supplied, because of “privacy law.”

Apparently the people who eagerly volunteered to wear bright white suits while carrying burning torches in front of TV cameras and thousands of people wanted their privacy, along with all the fame and glory.

They wanted no such thing, of course. They were only too happy to joyously volunteer their names on their own. The edict was simply the decision of torch functionaries eager to exercise some of their authority. It was a good example of how privacy law has vastly enhanced officials’ first inclination to say “no” to every request.

Read more in the Times Colonist.

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