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 July 31, 2011  Posted by  Non-U.S.

Glen McGregor reports:

Federal Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart is taking the Correctional Service of Canada to court, saying the prisons department has twice refused to provide requesters with personal information it keeps about them.

In two applications filed in Federal Court, Stoddart’s office alleges the correctional service breached the Privacy Act by failing to provide the requested information in a timely fashion.

Inmates often use the Privacy Act to obtain their Correctional Service of Canada records to support grievances or legal challenges related to the conditions of their incarceration.

The law says government agencies must turn over personal information to the subject within 30 days of a request.

Read more on Vancouver Sun.

Wow. Here, the individual would have to sue in court.  There, the Privacy Commissioner goes after them? I am sooooooo envious.  Where can we get ourselves one of those activist commissioners, huh?

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