Jan 092010
 January 9, 2010  Posted by  Featured News, Surveillance

Michael Platt reports on Alberta Privacy Commissioner Frank Work’s comments on airport body scanners and where the technology is going.   There are some great quotes in the article:

“The system is still prone to failure, so let’s say the next guy packs his ass with however many grams of (plastic explosive) he can shove up there, and either successfully or unsuccessfully detonates it. What do they do next?” said Work.

“How do they trump full body scans? There actually is a device called the BOSS — the Body Orifice Security Scanner — where you sit in a plastic armchair and it can detect plastic or metal in body orifices. Is this next?”


“At what point do we say, ‘Holy crap man, you’re patting me down, you’ve got pictures of me naked, you’ve got me squatting on a chair, and you’ve taken my water bottle away’. I mean at what point is enough, enough?”

Read more in The Edmonton Sun.

Great thanks to Sharon Polsky, President of Amina Consulting Corp. for sending this link.

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