Jan 212012
 January 21, 2012  Posted by  Laws, Non-U.S., Surveillance

OpenMedia.ca published details of an email from the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Wednesday that asked the police community to provide examples of situations where current privacy legislation has interfered with their investigations.

In a release, the Vancouver-based advocacy group characterized the CACP email as an attempt to justify the Conservative government’s proposed lawful access legislation.

“The CACP is attempting to counter what they call ‘ill-informed criticism’ from the public in regards to the proposed legislation—known as ‘Lawful Access’ or ‘online spying’ bills,” OpenMedia said on its website.

The lawful access legislation, or former bills C-50, C-51 and C-52, would allow authorities to access personal information—such as telecommunications’ companies subscriber information—without a warrant.

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