Feb 022018
 February 2, 2018  Posted by  Breaches, Featured News, Govt, Non-U.S.

Michael Tutton reports:

Two whistleblowers whose private information was leaked in brown envelopes from Prince Edward Island’s government to the Liberal Party say they won’t fade away without being compensated for the economic and emotional toll on their lives.

A report released last month by the privacy commissioner — completed six years after the initial complaint — found the province breached the basic privacy rights of three women who held a September 2011 news conference to allege fraud and bribery in a provincial immigration program.

Read more on CBC.

I have often commented that some of the small-N privacy breaches due to insider error or willful wrongdoing are the most harmful. Note that two of the three women are looking for lawyers to sue the province to be compensated for what they went through as a consequence of the breach. The third woman,

Svetlana Tenetko, another former immigration program officer, said in emails she intends to discuss the matter with Nicholson and Holmes.

“My private information has been exposed to the whole country… I had to leave Prince Edward Island and retire,” she wrote in an email. “Lawyers cost a lot and it takes years.”

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