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 February 13, 2010  Posted by  Non-U.S.

Andrew MacLeod reports:

The British Columbia government is ignoring the warnings of privacy advocates in its push to adopt a new cross-ministry computer file system.

The Feb. 9 throne speech renewed a promise for a $180-million integrated case management system that “will deliver better front-line services and supports to women, children, income assistance recipients and those most vulnerable.”

The system, which will be used by both the children and families and housing and social development ministries, will be developed by Deloitte Inc. under a six-year deal with the government.

“The ICM system will have a severe negative effect on both the privacy rights of British Columbians and the public purse,” wrote Darrel Evans, the executive director of the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Privacy Association, in a letter to Premier Gordon Campbell.

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