Sep 262012
 September 26, 2012  Posted by  Non-U.S.

CBC News reports:

An email titled “LGBT Refugees from Iran” that was sent from Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s MP office has raised concerns about whether the private information of Canadians may be used for partisan purposes.

But although she finds reports of the email “troubling”, the federal privacy commissioner’s office says she doesn’t have jurisdiction over what politicians do. People who make their political views public using online petitions or other forums run the risk that information may be used in ways they don’t expect.


Political parties fall outside the privacy laws, yet they amass huge amounts of highly personal information about citizens, including how they vote, their age, religious and ethnic backgrounds, and other details.

Stoddart has warned that Canadians have no legal rights when it comes to personal information collected by parties and held in databases for partisan use.

Read more on CBC News.

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