Jun 132020
 June 13, 2020  Posted by  Misc, Non-U.S.

Shawn Jeffords reports from Toronto:

Premier Doug Ford said he won’t release a list of medical experts guiding his pandemic response because of privacy concerns, as opposition legislators called on the government to release a full roster of its health advisers.

Ford defended those advisers Tuesday during his daily COVID-19 media briefing after questions were raised about which epidemiologists and scientists are giving him advice on the province’s reopening.

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When health advisers are at safety risk for advising on public health issues, we’re in serious trouble. But the public does have a right, I think, to know the credentials of those health advisers. Is a politician relying on a bunch of conspiracy theorists who have no real credentials as scientists or public health officials, or is the politician relying on credentialed experts who have published in their field and who are networking with other experts to get a fuller and updated picture of the situation?

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