Oct 282010
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Sue Montgomery reports on a case where some people are probably wishing there could be a death penalty:

Daniel Lesiewicz used his computer savvy to hack into young girls’ computers, pose as someone they knew, then convince them to undress in front of their webcams.

If they didn’t continue with his game, he threatened to post the explicit videos of the girls on the Internet.

He terrorized them by calling their cellphones so call display showed the girls’ own numbers. In one case, he seized control of a girl’s webcam, videotaped her while she undressed in her room, then sent her the video.

By the time police caught up with him, Lesiewicz, a 30-year-old Dorval resident, had lured hundreds of girls, age 13 to 18, into his trap. But only 25 could be identified and traced by police.

He pleaded guilty earlier this year to 89 charges, including luring a child, distributing child pornography, impersonation and extortion.

Read  more in the  Montreal Gazette

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