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 June 11, 2018  Posted by  Court, Non-U.S., Surveillance

Randy Richmond reports on a case that began in 2016:

The London police officer said he was only trying to help.

But a London judge found he had more of a “help yourself approach.”

That approach led to a violation of a London woman’s rights, the judge ruled last week, throwing out six grams of methamphetamine as evidence and acquitting her of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

The unusual case comes down to a simple fact, her lawyer Scott O’Neill told The Free Press.

“Citizens have a right to privacy and be left alone,” O’Neill said.

“Police can’t overstep one’s charter rights ostensibly to help them out and foist upon the citizen aid the citizen hasn’t requested, may not want and has the right to refuse. And at the same time have a look through their personal belongings.”

Read more on London Free Press.

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