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 December 26, 2009  Posted by  Court, Non-U.S.

Dan Michaluk writes:

I’ve always loved year-end lists. Here’s a Canada-centric top ten “information management and privacy cases” list for 2009. Endorsement and criticism invited!

#1 Grant v. Torstar. The Supreme Court of Canada recognizes a new defamation defence – the “responsible communication on matters of public interest” defence. Truly novel and highly relevant. Is the dialog on the kind of information that must flow in the name of the public interest also a building block for the privacy tort? From just days ago.

#2 R. v. McNeil. This unanimous Supreme Court of Canada judgement broadens the scope of the Crown’s duty of disclosure to an accused person and facilitates an accused person’s right to third-party production. Significant changes to critical criminal procedure doctrine. From January.

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