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Is Canada actually trying to become as outrageously bad as the U.S. or does it just seem that way?

Kevin Connor reports:

David Menzies came close to being arrested Saturday after refusing to give his driver’s licence to a cashier at a Petro-Canada station.

“I went to a Petro-Canada in Richmond Hill with my nine-year-old son, Sean. I filled up the truck with gas and then went into the store with my son to buy him some candy and get a few lottery tickets,” Menzies says.

“The clerk rings up the total, I give him my Petro-Points card and a valid Visa card. He then says because my purchase is over $100 he has to see my driver’s licence.”

The freelance journalist says he thought the request was odd, but he took his licence out of his wallet to show the cashier so he didn’t hold up the people in line behind him.

But when the clerk insisted it was company policy that he had to write down the licence numbers, Menzies refused.


Menzies decided to forget about the candy and lottery tickets so his purchase would be under $100.

“I leave the gas bar and about 90 minutes later, the cops are knocking at my door. The doofus did not ring up the purchase and reported me for robbing the Petro-Canada, which I always do in my spare time with a nine-year-old accomplice,” Menzies says.

Read more on cnews about what happened next.

And here’s a free tip to those who might be clueless on privacy and consumer rights: really, really try not to fsck things up when the consumer is a journalist if you don’t want your stupidity being publicly revealed.

Thanks to the (Canadian) reader who sent in this link.

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