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 February 11, 2017  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S.

Tony Saxon reports more on the Guelph breach noted previously on this site.

City staff whose private information may have been compromised in an email leak last month are being notified by the city.

The province’s Information and Privacy Commissioner is also involved in the matter, as per protocol, said city CAO Derrick Thomson on Friday.

“We have a duty to contact them and we’ve done that,” Thomson said of the independent body that reviews government decisions and practices concerning access and privacy.

Early last month over 50,000 email items were accidentally given to a former city employee as part of an ongoing $1 million wrongful dismissal lawsuit early last month.

Court documents claim that included on a flash drive handed over to former building official Bruce Poole were many documents containing private and confidential information regarding city employees, including at least 30 performance reviews of staff.

Read more on Guelph Today.

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