Dec 122014
 December 12, 2014  Posted by  Court

Mike McIntyre reports:

It may have been the quickest trial in local history.

A 44-year-old Winnipeg man walked out of court this week, cleared of a historical sex-abuse case involving a young girl who broke years of silence by going forward to police.

The entire proceeding — from the reading of the charges, the Crown’s presentation of evidence, the legal submissions and the judge’s verdict — took only four minutes.

“The Crown will be calling no evidence,” said prosecutor Michelle Jules. That prompted defence lawyer Catherine Bator to respond on behalf of her client.

“As the Crown has not proved any of the elements of the offence, I would be seeking an acquittal,” she said.

Queen’s Bench Justice Doug Abra rendered his verdict. Just like that, a nearly five-year legal saga was over in the bat of an eye.

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