May 172014
 May 17, 2014  Posted by  Laws, Non-U.S., Online

Karin Klassen writes:

The Canadian government mining my Facebook page this week will see that I liked “cat rescues toddler from attacking dog” and “Look Up,” a video rap tear-jerker about the life you’re missing while your head is down doing exactly what you’re doing while watching that video.

That government is rooting through media we know is social had defiant Canadians parked on twitter this week like hipsters at a coffee bar. The outrage of it all, [email protected](Don’t try to follow said tweeter, it’s a composite.)

Meanwhile, almost under the radar, except for a pocket of people trying desperately to raise the alarm, outrageous legislation has passed, enforceable in July, that directly affects the privacy of Canadians in the worst possible way. While indignant tweets were a flyin’ over whom precisely is allowed to read on my newsfeed that one of my friends needs help with diaper rash, we endured with barely a peep this egregious invasion of the privacy of actually important information.

Read more of her commentary on FACTA on Calgary Herald.

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