Nov 222014
 November 22, 2014  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S.

CTV Saskatoon reports that Ward 2 city councillor Pat Lorje is facing sanctions after an investigation into a privacy breach that followed a closed executive committee meeting. An investigation reportedly concluded that Lorje was responsible for releasing details of a confidential report that was tabled at an in camera  meeting.

Lorje reportedly apologized for the breach, but is still facing sanctions. An announcement is expected Monday.

CTV does not indicate the nature of the material that was in the confidential report, nor how many individuals’ information may have been involved – only that the report was improperly forwarded to a member of the public.

In related coverage, The StarPhoenix also reports that the nature of the breach or the identity of the individual who received the confidential report have not been made public, but reports:

Two city hall sources said the leaked information was highly sensitive.

The majority of items discussed at private committee meetings involve human resources, city finances and land sale matters.

So here are the questions has:

1. Was any identifiable personal information included in the leaked report?

2. If so, have the individual(s) whose private information was leaked been notified of the breach? If not, why not?

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