Dec 182009
 December 18, 2009  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S.

Rob Shaw reports:

The B.C. government is investigating an employee who is accused of e-mailing sensitive government information across the border to someone in the United States.

The privacy breach centres on an employee in the Ministry of Housing and Social Development, who is accused of accessing personal e-mail on a government computer and sending information from provincial files to an unknown recipient in the U.S., said Ben Stewart, B.C.’s minister responsible for privacy and citizens’ services.


Thousands of B.C. residents give their sensitive personal information — such as social insurance and care card numbers — to the housing ministry to access income and disability assistance.

The exact type of information compromised is under investigation, said Stewart, but the government notified at least three people in late November that their privacy was breached.

Read more in the Times Colonist.

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