Feb 172016
 February 17, 2016  Posted by  Featured News, Laws, U.S., Youth & Schools

Charity Lindsey reports that the response to a court ruling ordering the state to turn over information on 10 million students to a non-profit organization has been swift: some legislators have proposed a new law limiting the information districts can collect and requiring them to notify parents how to opt out of compliance with the court-ordered sharing of their children’s information with the non-profit organization:

Proposed Assembly Bill 2097 would prohibit school districts from gathering Social Security numbers and other sensitive unnecessary information for students except when required by federal law, the release said.


The authors of AB 2097 also called on school districts to proactively provide the existing objection form provided on the CDE website, and encourage parents to take advantage of the opportunity to lodge their objection.

Read more on Daily Press.

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