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 November 21, 2010  Posted by  Surveillance

RADNOR, PA – Business Travel Coalition (BTC) today criticized the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and groups that are advocating an airport security screening opt-out day over the Thanksgiving holiday period. Airports have been high-value targets of terrorists for some 35 years. On December 29, 1975, LaGuardia Airport was teeming with holiday travelers when a bomb exploded killing 11 and injuring 75. Today, security best practice around the world includes moving passengers from the non-secure to the secure sides of airports as expeditiously as possible. To promote actions that impede holiday travelers at non-secure airport checkpoints is irresponsible; to advertise it in advance to terrorists is reckless.

The involved groups have no doubt done a highly effective job in raising national awareness of intrusive and sometimes wasteful TSA security processes. However, for the security and safety of the public, BTC urges these groups to now cancel planned opt-out protests, consolidate campaign success and redirect efforts to the highest levels in Washington. BTC also urges airline, airport and travel industry groups to strongly advise against these potentially dangerous protests and to join public-policy initiatives calling for a complete review of TSA.

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