Sep 162018
 September 16, 2018  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Laws, U.S.

Wendy Davis reports:

Faced with new privacy rules in Europe and California, the broadband industry lobbying group US Telecom is joining Silicon Valley’s Internet Association in advocating for a national privacy law.

“We believe that it’s time for our Congress to take steps, to stand up, and develop our own national framework … that provides consistent, uniform privacy protections for all consumers, regardless of where they go on the internet,” US Telecom president and CEO Jonathan Spalter says on the newest episode of C-SPAN’s “The Communicators.”

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Blahblahblah… expect them to advocate for watered down protections, though, and we’ll be back to where we’ve been for years — wanting a national law but not wanting one that is weaker than state laws.

  One Response to “Broadband Lobby Calls For National Privacy Law”

  1. They want to fight 1 battle for weak laws, not 50 battles in every state.
    Plus, the national representatives are almost completely clueless about technology, so they are easier to “control” with pre-written privacy laws.

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