Jul 102012
 July 10, 2012  Posted by  Business

Sheila Shayon reports:

British Airways new “Know Me” program aims to Google all fliers so check-in staff can “put a face to the name before the customer sets foot in the airport,” reports the UK’s Telegraph newspaper.

BA’s current airline practice to conduct a cursory check of flight manifests for VIPs, such as “chief executives of financial companies,” but “Know Me” takes it to a whole new level that exceeds KLM’s in-flight social matchmaking service.

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Not surprisingly, the announcement was met with no small helping of flak from those who feel it’s privacy-invasive or crosses the creepy line.   But hey, didn’t this approach work for Cheer’s  where “Everyone knows your name?”  Well, okay, they didn’t know my name when my friends dragged me in there, but you get my meaning – getting to know your customers is usually a good marketing move. But for some of us, we’d just prefer you ask us rather than collect info – even if publicly available – about us.

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