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 October 1, 2009  Posted by  Business, Non-U.S., Online

Carrie-ann Skinner reports:

BT has been given 100,000 IP addresses belonging to BT broadband customers suspected of illegally filesharing.

According to the BPI, which provided BT with the addresses, the ISP has not yet acted on the information.

Geoff Taylor, CEO of the BPI, told the Daily Mirror: “It’s shameful for a company like BT to know that a high percentage of the traffic it carries is illegal material but do nothing. If you operate a commercial service and know it is being used to break the law, taking steps to ensure it is used legally is a cost of doing business.”

BT revealed that it had agreed to send out letters to 1,000 suspected filesharers at the beginning of the year.

However BT says the BPI alerted them to more 21,000 cases of potential illegal downloads but less than two-thirds were correct IP addresses belonging to BT customers.

Read more on Network World.

Thanks to Brian Honan for this link.

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