While the owner’s away, the dogs will play

By , April 5, 2013 10:24 am

Ever wonder what your dogs are up to when you’re not home?

Yesterday, I glanced out my window and saw that my neightbor’s pit bull mix had gotten out of her back yard. Because both their pitbull mix and Rottweiler tend to scare people who don’t know how lovable they are, and because both dogs have a strong sense of adventure (the Rottie once jumped out a second story window to go exploring!), my neighbors had installed a high gated fence, with cinderblocks up against the gate to prevent the dogs from pushing the gate open.

Their measures notwithstanding, I watched the Pit roam around his property for a bit, and then, to my amazement, I watched as he nudged the back gate open a few inches with his nose. With the help of his buddy, the rottie, he let himself back into the back yard.

A few minutes later, the gate cracked open again, and out wandered the pitbull, who again, walked around for a bit, and then, with the help of the rottie, let himself back into the yard. This went on a few times while I just watched and laughed.

While I looked for my neighbor’s cell phone number to let him know that his dogs were having a fine old time while he was at work, my neighbor pulled into the driveway. As far as she knew, their security systems had worked just fine.

Little did she know. 🙂

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