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 November 6, 2015  Posted by  Business

Zack Whittaker offers his opinion on Blackberry Priv:

If only it wasn’t called the “Priv,” BlackBerry’s Android phone wouldn’t get me so wound up.


[…]Privacy relies on the protection of your data. After spending a week with the Priv, I can tell you from the three most used apps on this phone:

  • Facebook accessed my location a total of 194 times in seven days.
  • Skype accessed my phone contacts list a total of 1,814 times in the past seven days.
  • Twitter accessed my location 704 times in the past seven days.




That data came from a in-built app called DTEC, which measures the health of your Priv smartphone, based on whether you have a strong lock code, device data encryption, and have certain options on and off, depending on the preference.

In short, it’s a weak privacy app. It doesn’t prevent your data from being slurped up by the various apps you use, nor does it give you an option to do much about it — except uninstall the apps. And let’s face it, nobody is going to uninstall Facebook.

Read more on ZDNet.

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