Feb 282018
 February 28, 2018  Posted by  Business, Healthcare, Non-U.S.

One to watch. Lynne Minion reports:

Better known for its mobile phones, once favoured by federal politicians and Kardashians, BlackBerry has spent years eking out a role as a global leader in the cybersecurity space. Now the brand is partnering with Melanoma Institute Australia to trial a secure data storage and collaboration platform to advance research into a disease that causes 75 per cent of skin cancer deaths in Australia.

One person dies from melanoma every five hours in Australia, and the MIA – the world’s leading melanoma research and treatment centre – conducts clinical trials to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the condition known as Australia’s national cancer.

The partnership with BlackBerry announced today will allow clinicians to securely share confidential patient information within the organisation and with external research partners, including scientists and doctors at different hospitals, and will allow data to be secured, tracked and traced outside the firewall.

Read more on Healthcare IT News. I will keep my fingers crossed for them that they don’t screw up the consent issues or the data security, as this truly is an admirable goal and application.

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