Feb 252017
 February 25, 2017  Posted by  Youth & Schools

John Klyczek writes:

If cutting-edge educational technologies can scientifically maximize student learning, then why do so many Silicon Valley bigwigs at Google, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, and Yahoo! send their children to the Waldorf School of the Peninsula, a school which bans computer technology from its classrooms?  If high-tech computerization were such a fundamental enhancement to cognitive development, then why did Steve Jobs withhold iPads and other “screen-time” technologies from his children? Why would these tech gurus not practice for their own sons and daughters what they preach (and bankroll) for the public education system? These incongruences signal red flags that the real objective behind the accelerating push for personalized computer learning is not to boost academic outcomes, but to data-mine students for the purposes of corporate-fascist political-economic planning.

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  1. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS………Unfortunately, many mainstream media outlets never report on this issue and focus on various other things instead. Keep posting and putting this out there, so it can be seen.

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