Mar 192014
 March 19, 2014  Posted by  Laws

Marc Lifsher reports:

California’s two giant automobile clubs proposed legislation Tuesday that would give car owners more control over computer and Internet data streaming from their vehicles.

About 1 in 5 new cars already collect and transmit to manufacturers data about engine performance, safe or unsafe driving maneuvers, cellphone or entertainment system usage and location. By 2025, every passenger auto is expected to be a “connected car” that’s in constant contact with the Internet and even with nearby cars.

Read more on Los Angeles Times.

EFF has issued a statement about the law that says, in part:

While we have significant concerns about the bill in its current form, the new law is intended to do three things that should benefit consumers. First, it’s intended to provide clarity on what information your car is collecting on you and how that information will be used. Second, the bill would allow you access to your own car’s computer systems in a reasonable and non-discriminatory manner. And third, it would guarantee the ability of the third party service provider you choose to use that data for your benefit.

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